Come sit down for a Long Story (short). This one is as long and deep as the history of the Earth. Join a multi-species cast on a journey into the future in search of better pastures. Travel hundreds, thousands, and millions of years to explore a changing, restless world: hot and swampy one era, cool and arid the next. What will you and your companions make of this shifting, fluctuating landscape? How will you adapt to its changes, and most importantly, will you find what you are looking for?


This is a deep time hypertext that was developed for an online exhibition called After Progress (, organized by Unit of Play, curated by Martin Savransky and Craig Lundy. It is an adaptation of what was initially conceived as a LARP, but which, during the Coronavirus pandemic, was forced to change its shape. Players familiar with the structure of Nordic LARP will recognize the gradual build-up, and the use of refrains and repetition to pace the story. Long Story (short) was created by:

  • Laura op de Beke (coding, art, story)
  • Regina Kanyu Wang
  • Una Hamilton Helle
  • Mark Dicker (sound)

The LARP on which this hypertext is based is available for free here:

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